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Schumer will face an browse around these guys agonizing choice in how he tries to get Democrats to respond: Go to the mat in opposing such a budget and threaten to shut down the government knowing full well that by doing so, Democrats will run the risk of losing seats in 2018 in the states Trump won? Or acquiesce? You can get talked out of each individual fight, and you can make the case that in every one of these instances, Democrats should cave under pressure and go along, says the aide. Check Out Your URLBut if we do, well have allowed Trump cheers to have a functional first year that completely devastated Democratic priorities in the process. The problem with Democrats is that we believe in legislating, Thanking You laments Jim Manley. Its a sanctimonious thing to say. But would Democrats really vote against an Obamacare replacement as bad as it might be to spite Trump if by doing so theyd throw the American health-care system ta into crisis? Would they vote against a budget bill that slashes domestic spending if it meant shutting down the government? Sometimes. And sometimes they wont. The question confronting Democrats is whether Schumer will demonstrate instincts as canny as Reids. And when a fight is engaged, who will emerge as a leader who can see it through?

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